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Why Are Solar Lights A Must - Have This 2022

Why Are Solar Lights A Must - Have This 2022

With the success of LED in this 21st Century, we are expecting the same will eventually be true with solar lighting. Since most solar lighting uses LED as their efficient light source, the solar industry is hopeful that this year, 2022, solar lights will gradually penetrate the lighting market.

Solar Lights are becoming more popular nowadays because of necessity. They are the perfect solution for providing good illumination in areas with little or no access to electricity. They are becoming smaller, cheaper, more elegant, consumer-friendly, and easily accessible in the market. So if you're looking for a more sustainable and cost-effective option in illuminating your home, solar lights are a great choice!


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Solar Lights: What Are They?

Solar lights are a kind of lighting that uses the sun's energy to power itself. They are usually made up of crystalline solar panels, which gather the solar energy and convert it into power and stored it into batteries, which are connected to controls and the LED chips or bulbs, which eventually emit the light energy. They’re a great alternative to traditional lighting because they are renewable and environmentally friendly, not to mention that it produces zero cost of electricity.

Outdoor Types Of Solar Lights

Solar lights are divided into two main types or categories. These are the indoor solar lights and outdoor solar lights. However, we will only focus on outdoor solar lights.

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Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights are a type of solar light specifically designed for use in gardens or walkways. They are usually small in size and rated with little power. They don’t produce long-lasting illumination compared to other solar lights since their battery is quite small in capacity. Garden light is an elegant way to enhance the appearance and value of your garden home. They come in various shapes, most of which are elongated so consumers can insert some portion of the body to the ground for stability.

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are elevated light sources powered by solar panels that are either installed on the lighting structure or built into the unit itself. During the daytime, the photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, and during nighttime, power the LED lamp. Solar street lights have higher wattages to cover more area and are built with long-lasting batteries that are usually designed to last the whole night. 


Solar Emergency Lights

Unlike solar street lights, this type of solar light is usually small and portable. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. When there is a power failure or any emergency which requires lighting, these solar emergency lights can provide illumination immediately. It can be used practically anywhere like your handy flashlight. 

How Does Solar Light Work?

The working idea of solar lights is actually pretty simple, the phenomenon is called the photovoltaic effect. According to Sciendirect.com, the photovoltaic (PV) effect is the generation process of electric voltage or current in a solar cell upon exposure to illumination. The voltage is then stored in a cell or group of cells and utilized by lighting equipment or lamp through controls and/or circuitry. The illumination sources may be natural like sunlight or artificial like lamp post light.

Most solar lights are triggered upon loss of receiving illumination on their solar panels and will remain ‘ON’ until exposed again to a source of illumination like sunlight.


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Quick Fact: LED from Solar street lights typically have a lifespan of about five years and can provide up to 50,000 hours of total illumination 

How to Use Solar Light?

Simply position them in a location where the solar panels will get plenty of sunlight during the day. Maximizing the sunlight is essential to produce more voltage and current and store it in the batteries. Some solar light models have remote controls, especially the street lights where daily access to the unit is practically improbable. While some have the on-off switch to be used when the need arises. Some units have separate solar panels and must be placed on a high position receiving sunlight for almost 6-8 hours.


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Why Is Solar Light A Must-Have?

Solar lights are a must-have for anyone who knows their practical applications. During emergencies or for those who wanted to be off the grid, solar lights are a very practical choice. 

There are also tons of reasons why solar lights are a must-have & here are some of them:

  • They can provide lighting/illumination in areas where there is no access to electricity
  • They are easy to install
  • They are simple to operate and require very minimal or close to no maintenance.
  • They are environmentally friendly and drastically reduce your carbon footprint
  • They are very versatile and can be used for a variety of applications and situations
  • They can also elevate the value of the residence and make it more pleasing


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Real-World Applications Of Solar Lights

One of the great things about emergency solar lights is that they have a wide range of applications. They can be used for camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity where you may need a light source. They're also useful during power outages or natural disasters when you need a backup light source.

Here are just a few applications 

  • Providing lighting in areas without access to electricity
  • Use as a backup power source during an emergency
  • Lighting up the street and parking lots
  • Lighting up a dark pathway or garden
  • Marking out a safe area in an emergency situation
  • Use them as a nightlight in your child's room during a power outage.
  • Adding extra light to a room or outdoor space


Invest In Solar Lights

Emergency Solar lights are a good investment this year. They are a very useful, versatile, and valuable tool to have on hand. Whether you're looking for a way to provide lighting in an area without electricity access or need a backup light source during an outage, solar lights are a great option.


And if you are thinking of buying one, Takiyo Japan Solar Lights is highly recommended. Takiyo Japan Solar Lights have earned the trust of industry experts for their high-quality design and workmanship, thanks to their high-level laboratory research and development center and state-of-the-art production plant.