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Where Should Sensor Solar Lights Be Placed?

Where Should Sensor Solar Lights Be Placed?

Solar lights are lights that convert sunlight into electricity, eliminating the need to be plugged into an electrical power source for use. There are various designs and functionalities depending on what a customer would prefer for his or her own home. One of the trending types is what we call Sensor Solar Lights.

What are Sensor Solar Lights?

Sensor solar lights are just like normal solar lights, but they have an additional feature. And yes, they are the sensors! But what are sensors?

Sensors detect motion, sound, or other observable data in a certain environment. Once data or movement is detected, a response will be triggered. In the case of sensor solar lights, the light will automatically turn on if it senses motion near it. This makes it easier for the owner since you do not need to manually turn it on or off when the night time comes. It makes the most out of your solar light’s battery capacity. Some models only turn on when motion is sensed, other models simply amplify their lighting wattage. In that way, it saves you time and energy! How cool is that?

Where should you install it?

Sensor solar lights come in very handy for everyone. It can be used in your garage so you don’t have to grapple around looking for the light switch. It can also be installed outdoors near your gates or doors for additional security. It can also be for safety reasons, so that you know when there’s someone or something at your door during the night. It is one of the most cost effective security features every homeowner should consider.

It is best to install it in locations such as entrances, potentially hazardous places like swimming pools and stairways, or where there are steep level changes like decks and patios. You can also mount them in your backyard, garden, or near the sides of your houses. It will give you and your family better illumination at night whenever you go out to take out the trash or fix something in the garden. Furthermore, it adds another layer of safety and security to everyone. No more grasping for things or tripping over unseen objects at night! It will automatically turn on for your convenience.

If you are a local government official or an employee for a company with a big land area, you can also suggest installing sensor solar lights on streets, alleyways, or parking areas for the benefit of all.

Where should you NOT install it?

Avoid installing your sensor solar lights near windows. This is because other light sources or reflections might disrupt the normal function of the sensors. Additionally, refrain from mounting it near heat sources because it might observe a false reading, also disrupting its function.

Other tips about sensor solar lights

Sensor solar lights are no doubt very useful. Other than installing it in appropriate places to fully utilize its functions, it’s also ideal to install them in an appropriate height as possible. This is to cover a wider area for the light. It is also important to consider the level of brightness you want the area to have. Adjust the height according to your preference: lower for brighter areas and higher if you want slightly dimmer or softer light. Take note also that the higher the height, the less effective the sensor will be. Suggested height range is from 3 meters to 5 meters.

Once you have chosen the type of sensor solar light to install, as well as the location, drill holes for the mounting brackets that come with your sensor solar lights. Make sure to fully secure the sensor solar lights to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds or from being snatched by other people. Install both the solar panel and solar lights on your preferred locations, carefully connecting and arranging the wires (if any) properly to avoid electrical accidents. You may use cable clips or other types of appropriate adhesives to make sure. 

It is best to consult an electric technician or hire someone with more experience if you do not feel confident about installing it. Better to be safe than sorry!

To help you decide, Takiyo Japan has a variety of sensor solar lights from which you can choose from according to your own preference! From wall lights, post lights, even flood lights! And did you know that we offer discounts for bulk orders? Just browse through our collection or drop us a text, call or message. We will be very happy to assist in deciding on the best solar light for you and your family!