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How To Choose The Perfect Solar Lights (Garden Solar Lights) To Your Garden?

How To Choose The Perfect Solar Lights (Garden Solar Lights) To Your Garden?

In the event that you want to make, redesign, remodel or completely change your old garden design, you may lean toward using garden solar lights to lessen electricity costs and help the environment as well. That said, before buying, it's critical to carefully research what kind or type of garden solar lights suit you best. The following tips will help you track down the correct garden solar lights and its use that best fit your needs. 

Type of light 

The initial step is to pick out what type of garden solar lights you are looking for. Is it for beautification, to accent, for security or to replace old & costly lighting fixtures? There are various types of garden solar lights that fit your needs, for instance, if your reason is for beautification or to accent something, the Solar Flood Lights is what you should consider as they provide directional light that can specifically point them towards a centerpiece or area of your garden. If the reason is to provide security or just replace old & expensive lighting, a Solar Street Lights is recommended as it is designed to provide vertical and wider scope of light.

Amount of Sunlight 

In terms of consistency, the Sunlight is not as consistent as traditional electricity reason why it is very crucial to weigh the amount of sunlight available for your garden solar lights before you go with solar energy based lights. However, some garden solar lights are designed to charge themselves even though there is no direct sunlight, but in order to get the optimum performance of the garden solar lights, direct sunlight is highly preferred. 


Operating time 

Most likely, you won't use your garden solar lights 24/7 at full capacity, so you need to consider the working time to specifically get the right wattage of your garden solar lights. Also, as a rule of thumb, the higher the wattage of the garden solar lights, the higher its consumption and vice-versa, so knowing it’s operating time is vital in getting the right wattage of your garden solar lights.


Type of Bulb or LED  

Different designs of garden solar lights also means that the bulbs used are different. Although most of the garden solar lights in the market today is using SMD (Surface Mounted Diode), the most efficient model is the SMD5054 as this model is not prone to light decay, compared to the SMD7030, which gives the garden solar lights a longer service life and brighter illumination.

Product Features 

To enhance the functionality and effectivity of the garden solar lights, some of them have unique features and you should check out each of the garden solar lights. There are garden solar lights models that have automatic on and off features as well as a motion detection sensor, wherein it dims when no motion is detected and brightens when a movement is detected (to name a few). These features not only give the garden solar lights uniqueness but also gives it a capability to conserve its battery so it can operate longer. 


Design and style 

Like what was previously discussed, high quality garden solar lights have specific design and style not just for aesthetic but for functionality as well. Another thing to consider is the type of materials used. A garden solar light that’s made out of cast aluminum iron is most likely better than those that are made out of plastic. 

Warranty & After Sales Support

Most likely, good and high quality garden solar lights are not cheap, like the old adage goes, good products do not come cheap, and to make the most out of your money, warranty and after sales support should be in place. Always ask for warranties, support and replacement parts. If one of these or any of these are not available, chances are the quality of the garden solar lights is not that good. 

 Here in Takiyo Japan, one of our missions is to help our environment, thus we are committed to provide only the best quality garden solar lights in the market. All our products are designed, researched and tested in Japan and are made out of Aluminum Cast Iron that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Also, in order to help out our environment and to provide exceptional customer experience (one of our missions as well) we have after sales support like technical support, product & service warranties and replacement parts for all our Garden Solar Lights products.

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